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About is a public REST API for searching geolocation of IP addresses and host names.

It has an internal database with geolocation information, which is queried via the API. There's no sorcery, it's just a database. And although the database is very accurate, don't expect it to be perfect.

See the freegeoip blog.

Usage for developers

Send HTTP GET requests to:{format}/{ip_or_hostname}

The API supports both HTTP and HTTPS.

Supported formats are csv, xml or json, which also support the callback query argument for JSONP.

The ip_or_hostname part is optional. Your own IP is searched if one is not provided.


API usage is limited to 10,000 queries per hour. After reaching this limit, all requests will result in HTTP 403 (Forbidden) until the roll over.

If the usage limit is a problem, please consider running your own instance of this system. It's open source and freely available at GitHub.

Download the source code.

Support is community funded, therefore please consider donating if you like and use this service.

For any other inquiries or feedback, contact me directly.